“If you invest in a girl, she becomes a woman and she invests in everyone else.”

— Melinda Gates

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We bring international closer to home

We bridge the concept of ‘international giving’ by connecting our donors and volunteers to the process of trustworthy community development. You can trust us with your time and donation because we take the time to get to know our partners.

These grassroots organizations understand both the problems and the solutions for their communities. They know what needs to be done, but also often lack the necessary resources to do it. That’s where we come in.

Your gift carries impact

100% of public donations support on-the-ground projects. Our start-up and administrative costs have been covered by seed funds, so we can guarantee that every cent of every dollar we raise from the public goes to our needs-based projects that help lift underrepresented communities.

Our donor partners are a vital part of our coalition, and make our work possible.

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Learn and grow with us

When you volunteer with us, you engage with an experiential process that provides you with the opportunity to amplify your sense of self-awareness and global citizenship.

Give back in a sustainable way

We carefully craft our projects to promote a positive impact on local communities. We achieve this by working collaboratively towards the greater good with people involved in grassroots initiatives, and by adhering to standards of responsible tourism throughout our volunteer trips.

If you are interested in participating in a volunteer trip, please contact us for availability and further information.

We want to live in a world with empowered women, strong families, and thriving communities. Join our coalition!

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We supplement your solutions

We provide necessary resources to grassroots organizations who want to achieve a greater impact. We work with our partners on project development, fundraising, project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation, and long-term organizational strategy.

If you are interested to learn ways in which we can work together to expand your organization’s current programs for women’s empowerment, please get in touch.

More About our Partners

Current Partners

Boy With A Ball (BWAB)
Boy With a Ball is a community development organization that has operated in San Jose, Costa Rica for over 15 years.

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)
The WRC provides women around Siem Reap, Cambodia with emotional support, counseling, educational workshops, and referral services.

Ponheary Ly Foundation (PLF)
The Ponheary Ly Foundation provides a comprehensive education program that supports students in rural Cambodia by providing access to primary, secondary, and university schooling.

Awamaki helps rural Andean women’s associations launch successful small businesses in the remote mountains of Peru.

Picaflor House
Picaflor House is an educational charity working in rural areas outside of Cusco that provides after-school services to children as well as local community outreach.

Parijat Academy
Parijat Academy is a non-religious, non-profit school founded in 2003 that assists around 500 students from underprivileged backgrounds.

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