Boy With A Ball (BWAB)

Boy With a Ball is a community development organization that has operated in San Jose, Costa Rica for over 15 years. BWAB created a program called RADI that extends the organization’s established leadership development programs into one designated for women’s education empowerment. RADI provides educational and employment opportunities to underrepresented women who live in one of two squatter communities near San Jose. Each woman in the program is provided with a private tutor for mentoring, and the materials, resources, and transportation required for them to achieve the equivalent of a US high school diploma, as well as continued mentorship and support. Women who complete the program will then become a part of the following program, as leaders and mentors.

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)

The WRC provides women around Siem Reap with emotional support, counseling, and referral services. Part of offering education for women and girls is acknowledging the difficult spaces they come from, and how that potentially creates barriers to their learning. The WRC is a comprehensive system of social work, education, and community-building. They offer both in-center programs (on women’s health, women’s rights, gender roles, positive parenting, youth development, and financial literacy) as well as community outreach workshops in surrounding villages. This collaborative approach allows the WRC to appeal to community leaders and have a deeper integration in and impact on these communities. They also participate in advocacy campaigns and public events to spread awareness and engage the public.

Ponheary Ly Foundation

The Ponheary Ly Foundation currently has a women’s empowerment initiative that houses 17 girls from rural communities and provides the necessary support structure to see them each through graduating high school and university. Their education program is rigorous, and includes weekend workshops that covers a variety of additional topics not offered in the public school domain such as drugs and alcohol, hygiene and reproductive health, personal and mental health, and gender roles and women’s rights. An integral part of the program’s success is their alumni and mentorship program, which offers girls a sense of support, role modeling, and community that will provide them with the confidence and environment they need to succeed.