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We connect you to grassroots initiatives for women’s empowerment you can trust. We invest in women who are invested in their communities.

WE want a world where women have equal opportunities to succeed

Our work is to combat global gender inequality by creating a network of international grassroots organizations working for women’s rights in their communities.

We vet our partner organizations and then support them in tangible ways. Through relationships with the people who understand the nuanced process of women’s empowerment in their specific communities, we help them achieve a greater impact.

WE are an active force in balancing global gender inequality

We build relationships with grassroots organizations through volunteer projects related to women’s education and empowerment. These projects connect our partners to resources that will enable them to have a greater impact.

WE strengthen grassroots initiatives that empower women

Those who are closest to the solutions are also often furthest from resources they need to accomplish their goals, which is why we partner with organizations who are embedded in their communities. We know the best method of sustainable development is through consulting the experts.

WE support women so communities flourish

Women comprise over half of the global population. When women are undereducated or marginalized, the economic potential of a society stagnates. When women are empowered with education and employment, society as a whole benefits.

Jenny Clark


Jenny has collaborated on and co-led international community initiatives and volunteer trips abroad since 2012, primarily in Southeast Asia and Latin America. With an M.A. in International Development (‘16) she has experience with non-profit administration and strategy; volunteer recruitment; fundraising and grant writing; partner development and project management; coordinating community-based projects; and facilitating student experiences during education abroad programs.

Rebecca Charles


Rebecca has traveled to 60 countries around the globe and has planned, coordinated, and managed over 20 community projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She co-founded and served as president of an international nonprofit based in Austin, Texas for six years, and has vast experience in nonprofit administration; international relations and global development; project planning and management; volunteer coordination; outreach and fundraising; and sustainable community-building.

Prior to founding WECO:

we volunteered over 16,000 hours in 21 countries for a total of 15 years

we coordinated 28 community development events in 19 countries

we enhanced access to education for over 4,000 women & children

we collaborated with over 100 grassroots organizations worldwide

we planned, implemented, and managed 40 domestic and international community projects

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